Trevira at Techtextil 2017: New materials for textiles of the future

Bobingen, May 2017

Trevira GmbH, specialist for functional fibres and yarns, is in May presenting at Techtextil in Frankfurt its products for a wide range of technologies and applications in the technical and functional textiles segment. As at the last event in 2015 and in April at the nonwovens fair Index in Geneva, the company is making a joint appearance at Techtextil 2017 with sister companies of the Indo­rama Ventures parent group.

Filament yarn specialties for technical and functional textiles:
Amongst the latest developments in filaments are yarns made from biopolymers (PLA). Numerous applications focus on home textiles, project textiles (e.g. trade fair construction) and technical uses, but also functional apparel.

Another product novelty is a phosphorescent yarn, which continues to glow in the dark up to 7 hours after brief exposure to light. This development is of special interest for use in vehicle interiors.

A further new development is a high-tenacity, permanently flame retardant textured yarn that is being produced in collaboration with the sister company PHP. This is primarily suitable for furnishing textiles, where it is important, along with contract market performance, to combine greater tenacity with less elongation, as is the case for instance with wall coverings.

Another area of interest currently is yarns from 100% recycled polyester for project textiles and technical applications.

Demand for hybrid yarns for stiffened textiles is still growing. Recent developments for specific uses in this yarn programme aim at seg­ments like knitted spacer fabrics, acoustic textiles and interior sun screening. In particular, spun-dyed and flame retardant variants take their place here.

Inherently flame retardant and/or antimicrobial yarns are available as well, for a variety of uses, for example the automotive sector.

Trevira’s programme also contains special filaments and sewing threads for use in composites and in multi-layer materials in glass and car­bon fibres

New developments in fibres for the non-wovens industry and technical applications
Besides new products and customized developments, the focus is on further developing and optimising existing fibre types servicing this important segment.

A new offering in biopolymer fibres is a PLA hollow fibre for the use in fillings. In response to customer demand in terms of product functions and material properties, the comprehensive product range for airlaid applications is being continuously enhanced. This also applies to special fibres for the carding sector and shortcut types for the paper industry; where the focus is on improving dispersion.

With regard to the increased need for fibres with additional functionalities and to the use of new combinations of raw materials, capacities in bico-fibres are being expanded. For both the polyester and the PLA programme, Trevira has also developed modified fibres for the hygiene sector (e.g. for wet wipes). These stand out due to their particularly soft handle.

Emphasis is also being placed on finishes for fibres that must meet food industry standards, likewise on antimony-free polyester fibres, the aim here being to enhance product safety.


Papier- und TapetenindustrieNähfäden aus Trevira Filamenten

Inner lining for shoes in 100% anti-microbial
Trevira Bioactive.
(Fabric: Paul Übel)
© Photo: Trevira GmbH/Paul Übel

Sewing threads made from Trevira filaments keep these carbon layer facrics together.
© Photo: Trevira GmbH

Photo in 300dpi (Zip, 984 KB)

Photo in 300dpi (Zip, 2,9 MB)


PLA fabric development for sun screening
by Vertisol
© Photo: Trevira GmbH/Vertisol

Trevira CS seat covers
(fabrics: Mattes & Ammann)
© Photo: Trevira GmbH/Mattes & Ammann

Photo in 300dpi (Zip, 6,9 MB)

Photo in 300dpi (Zip, 4,6 MB)

Ein Trevira Melangegarn

A Trevira melange yarn from recycled PET is the basis for this fabric from Strähle+Hess
© Photo: Trevira GmbH/Strähle+Hess

Hi-tech materials, produced in a single operation: spacer knitted fabric from Essedea
(upper and lower side in Trevira CS)
© Photo: Trevira GmbH /Essedea

Photo in 300dpi (Zip, 3,8 MB)

Photo in 300dpi (Zip, 2,8 MB)

Papier- und TapetenindustrieFeuchttücher aus Trevira

The paper and wallpaper industry
is a field of application for special
Trevira shortcut fibres.
© Photo: Trevira GmbH

Wet wipes from Trevira fibres.
© Photo: Trevira GmbH / Georgia Pacific

Photo in 300dpi (Zip, 8,9 MB)

Photo in 300dpi (Zip, 6,3 MB)

Kosmetiktuch aus Trevira FasernKaffeepad-Vliese aus Trevira Fasern

Cleansing tissue from Trevira fibres
© Photo: Trevira GmbH / Sandler

Fibres for the food industry:
coffee pad nonwovens from Trevira fibres.
© Photo: Trevira GmbH

Photo in 300dpi (Zip, 7,7 MB)

Photo in 300dpi (Zip, 5,5 MB)

Wischtücher aus Trevira FasernVliese aus Trevira Fasern

There are Trevira fibres in wipes too.
© Photo: Trevira GmbH

Trevira fibres inside:
nonwovens for water filters.
© Photo: Trevira GmbH

Photo in 300dpi (Zip, 8,3 MB)

Photo in 300dpi (Zip, 5,1 MB)


About Trevira GmbH:

Trevira GmbH is an innovative European manufacturer of high-value branded fibres and filament yarns for technical applications and hygiene products as well as for home textiles, automotive interiors and functional apparel. Two production sites and a Marketing and Sales office with a total of approx. 1,100 employees are located in Germany. These are supported by an international marketing and sales organization. In 2016, sales amounted to around 230 million Euros. The head office of the company is located in Bobingen near Augsburg. Owner of Trevira GmbH is Indorama Venture PCL, Thailand.
Trevira has a worldwide reputation for fibres and yarns for flame retardant polyester home textiles (Trevira CS), for its fibre specialties for hygiene products and technical applications as well as for low-pill fibres for functional apparel.
Trevira® is a registered trademark of Trevira GmbH.

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