Fire safety

National and international standards that test the burn behaviour of materials make an essential contribution to preventative fire safety. Through the use of measures prescribed by the state it is possible to reduce the risk of fire in buildings considerably.
Trevira CS textiles meet the important fire standards in place throughout the world. It is a precondition of the issue of the Trevira CS brand that the textile fabric has been tested for flame retardancy.
Trevira works jointly with several test laboratories in undertaking orienteering burn tests, producing test reports, obtaining authorisation for building works and organising certification for these. Detailed information is available about our Certificates and test reports and the opportunities to download.

With special reference to the Swiss market, the bfu safety symbol can be used for curtain fabrics and bedding textiles in Trevira CS.
Please note: When you use the bfu safety symbol for Trevira CS textiles, a respective evidence must be sent to bfu.

Trevira CS fabrics are used in many fields of application. We have arranged here a selection of the most important and valid test standards that are applied in determining the burn behaviour of textiles, indicating also the flammability class achievable by Trevira CS materials:

Drapes, curtains, decorative fabrics, wall coverings

Test standard Flammability class Country
DIN 4102 B1 ("Brandschacht") Germany
EN 13501 B-s1, d0 Europe
EN 13772 and EN 13773 Class 1 Europe
NF P 92-503 to 92-505,
M1 France
BS 5867, 5438 Part 2, Type C Great Britain
NFPA 701 Passed USA

Upholstery fabrics, seat covers

Test standard Flammability class Country
DIN 4102 B1 ("Brandschacht") Germany
EN 1021 No ignition Europe
NF D 60-013 (AM 18) Passed France
NF P 92-503 to 92-505, 92-507 M1 France
BS 5852 (crib 5, 7) Passed (with flame
retardant foam or interlayer)
Great Britain
California TB 116, 117, 133 Passed USA


Test standard Flammability class Country
EN ISO 12952,
DIN EN 14533
A Europe
California TB 604 Passed USA


Test standard Flammability class Country
California TB 603
(16CFR 1632)
Passed USA


Test standard Flammability class Country
FAR/CS 25.853 Passed Worldwide
ABD 0031 Passed Worldwide

Rail traffic

Test standard Flammability class Country
DIN 5510-2 Pa, S4, SR2, ST2 Germany
EN TS 45545-2 Passed with suitable foam Europe
BS 6853 R<0.5 Great Britain
NF 16-101, 16102 F1 France
UNI CEI 11170-1, -3 1 IM Italy
PN-K-02511, 02502 Passed Poland
UIC 564-2 Class A international


All test standards are valid worldwide.

Drapes, decorative fabrics IMO Res. A. 471 (XII) – A.563 (14) FTP Code MSC 61(67), Part 7
Upholstery fabrics IMO Res. A. 652 (16) FTP Code MSC 61(67), Part 8
Wall coverings IMO Res. A. 653 (16) FTP Code MSC 61(67), Part 5
Bedding IMO Res. A. 688 (17) FTP Code MSC 61(67), Part 9

Brûleur électrique

Burn tests NF P 92-503 in the “Brûleur électrique“ (France).

Brenntest EN 13772 mit Radiator

Burn test EN 13772 with radiator, source: ÖTI, Vienna

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